Save the Orangutan!

You can help Save the Orangutan by visiting the following web sites and/or enrolling in Project 560 (see below):

Project 560

What can you do? Enroll in Project 560 by ADOPTING a Day in the Rain Forest!

You choose your day! Then start up your own fundraiser to come up with $560.00

This money is the exact amount needed to save the area of the Tanjung Putin National Park for one day and ELIMINATE ILLEGAL LOGGING AND MINING on this day. $560 dollars will go to staffing 12 police officers in guard posts and on five boats, along with food, salaries, boat drivers, fuel, equipment, administration, and supplies. These officers will make sure that nobody is cutting down trees and sending off logs illegally. By helping to patrol one day you are helping to save the habitat of our precious red ape cousins.

If we do not come together to save their homes their lives and futures will be cut short.

Click here to find out more about Project 560!